Over the last several months myself and my partners Cory McCormack, Steve Gogolab and Jonas Lawrence have designed and created our new innovative nightlife venue named SHe. Now that we are a week away from the opening weekend I would like to personally invite you to come experience what SHe is all about.
SHe is an innovative dining and nightlife concept brought to you by our company EPIC Entertainment Group that was created to fill the current void in the market for the VIP guest that demands more from his or her Las Vegas experience. SHe brings an elegant intimate approach to the fine dining and nightlife scene, located in the center of the Las Vegas Strip in the MGM-owned 9.2 billion dollar complex known as CityCenter. Just pull up to the main valet in front of Aria Resort and our front door is just steps away.

Downstairs, we present our modern boutique steakhouse that brings an elegant, intimate approach to fine dining that integrates with fashion and music. The cuisine, crafted by Chef Todd Mark Miller, serves a variety of items fit for the most distinguished palate. With different portion sizes, guests can enjoy their meals family style or solo; offering the highest quality meats that Morton’s Steakhouses have prided themselves on since 1978. With 68 locations worldwide, Morton’s has developed a stellar reputation leading the way for SHe Las Vegas.

Upstairs, SHe we will continue to reinvent itself by offering our guests the next thing in nightlife entertainment, where we introduce the current club culture to the global world of entertainment. It’s the imaginative product of EPIC Entertainment Group. Our guests will be situated amongst tiered seating, creating the illusion that you are part of the show that features some of the world’s most talented performers. SHe Nightclub goers will be enveloped in an immersive theatrical experience created by world famous and Emmy Award-winning producer Jeff Kutash, of twelve time Las Vegas Show of the Year “SPLASH”.

We have an extremely talented and experienced team here and I look forward to helping make your experience at SHe a memorable one!

Happy holidays,
Shannon DuPont
Managing Partner


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