24 Jun

At Nevada Ballet Theatre studios in Summerlin, I sat watching seven of the 12 dancers of the new show Cherry Boom Boom arriving at the Tropicana in September. This is ferocious, fiery and fierce dancing.

Call this rock-a-go-go rather than burlesque, although there are topless temptresses taking part in the traditional story of boy finds girl, loses girl, then wins her back.

There’s no script, so the emotions of love, infatuation, temptation, lust, disappointment, rejection and anger until true love is all performed through dance. You’ve never seen dance like this in Las Vegas before. The girls have all been in MTV music videos and on tour with stars including Beyonce.

There are 28 numbers in the show, including five specialty acts, aerial hoops, a birdcage contortionist and a double whips leather act. There are 12 dancers — eight from Los Angeles and four from Las Vegas.

They will be accompanied by four musicians and two Boomette beauties who will start the party at the Tropicana lounge before leading the audience into the theater.

Choreographer and co-creator Lindsley Allen, who danced with the Pussycat Dolls, told me: “This dancing is very powerful. Not angry. There’s no apology for these women. They know who they are. They know what they want. The movement is fierce and strong, sexy and sultry. This is very punctuated.

“It’s got pop, but more modern in style. There’s a lot of liberation as Beyonce demonstrated in her halftime show. There’s a lot of thrash rock with raw, hard edges, really powerful. These dancers are all individual women with something very special to share.”

Previews start Sept. 8, with the official premiere Sept. 27. Cherry Boom Boom ran for three years at the King King theater in Los Angeles, and celebrities turned up as guest stars similar to when Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian danced with the Pussycat Dolls.

“We expect to see somebody like Carmen Electra, who danced with our L.A. Boom Boom show, to come into Las Vegas and drop in to dance with our rock-a-go-go girls,” Lindsley said.



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