Olivia’s Super Bowl pick

24 Jan

Superstar singer Olivia Newton John thinks she’s discovered this year’s Super Bowl winner by good fortune. She’s rooting for  the Carolina Panthers because when the uber-rich jewelry designer Cartier picked out the necklace and bracelet for her to wear for last night’s Nevada Ballet Theater black and white ball the store loaned a diamond encrusted bracelet in the shape of a panther to Olivia as she was honored with the prestigious Woman of the Year award.@DMT_2861.jpg@DMT_2807.jpg

Her Australian pals Human Nature who will launch their new Jukebox show at the Venetian as of March 29  entertained the glamorous crowd. Fellow Flamingo headliner Marie Osmond introduced the “Grease” and “Xanadu” musical movie star.

Olivia donated $5000 to the ballet company during the live auction conducted by KLUC Morning Zoo dj Chet Buchanan  . Marie doled out $5,000 to buy a Peter Lik framed photograph. Celebrity chef MarioCarbone celebrating his birthday sold himself for two 12-person at home dinners for $15,000 apiece. Fiancees Pete Murgatroyd and Maksim Chermovisky from Dancing with the Stars  sold private dance lessons with them for $7,0000

The future star students of the Nevada Ballet Theater company danced  to a medley of Grease musical numbers dressed in pink poodle skirt & black leather jackets.  Olivia told me : ” This was such an incredible fantastic night- better than I ever thought would happen. I feel very honored and privileged. Only problem is there are another 11-months for me to be “Woman of the Year” so I have to get to work to deserve it.”






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