10 Jan

Call it the $1.5 million Grand Slam victory — advantage, Las Vegas.

agassi best-15_t653
Tennis champions and Las Vegas residents Andre Agassi and wife Steffi Graf have donated a stunning $1.5 million to the charity Keep Memory Alive that funds the work of the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health downtown.

KMA founder Larry Ruvo and Andre have been great friends since both began their charity work, with each supporting the other’s events and fundraisers.

Larry, who is the head of Southern Wines and Spirits here, and his wife, Camille, have hosted Andre and Steffi on their visits to the Ruvos’ Shakespeare Ranch in Lake Tahoe.

The foursome have played tennis together and when the late comedy genius Robin Williams was visiting there.

I know first hand that at every Grand Slam fundraiser for Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy here, Larry has donated 100 percent of the wines for dinner guests and also made private donations.

Andre made the large and generous donation, which was supposed to remain quiet, on Wednesday. But rumors of his kindness and gift began circulating Friday.

Larry told me: “We are great friends, and this is proof. It is an extraordinary gift by a very wonderful man for our valuable research work to continue for the community.”


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