5 Jan

get-attachment.aspxWestgate CEO David Siegel was first to his feet last night (SUN) to lead the midnight standing ovation of the entire audience for dancer Jennifer Romas and the cast of her new Sexxy show at his hotel.

“Bravo” he told me. “ She pulled off a great show against all the odds and in the shortest amount of time. I don’t think I’ve ever met such a passionate hard working performer in my life. I had complete faith in her and she proved it. She’s also a really nice person who deserves the greatest of successes.”

David told me not only will he move her 11pm show forward closer towards prime-time but he’s also having her create the cheerleader’s choreography for his Orlando Predators Arena Football League team he owns in Florida. “ You’ll see them here in Las Vegas when they play against Vince Neil’s Las Vegas Outlaws” he laughed.

Jennifer wowed and dazzled the first night audience with her amazing routines on , in and around a bathtub and on a stripper pole. “ She’s the best dancer in Las Vegas and this new show is going to get Best In Las Vegas” one audience member told me. Jeff Antalik added: “ The best pole dance and bathtub routine ever”.

You can read our preview of Sexxy that we posted yesterday (CLICK HERE) with Tom Donoghue’s gallery of photos.

Among the first night audience were Prince tribute artist Jason Teller , Rock of Ages star Mark Shunock, magician Murray Sawchuck, Zowie Bowie’s Chris Phillips with Lydia Ansel and two other beauties from the Bella Strings electronic violin group. Sitting with the Westgate CEO was longtime Vegas producer Jeff Kutash and both confirmed they’re talking about a possible spectacular to go into the large main theater there.

One of the Westgate executives attending also confirmed my earlier December story that the Star Trek exhibit is being replaced by an Elvis Presley attraction. “We’re planning for it to open in the 2nd quarter “he told me.

Singer Gabriella Versace who belts out three of the sexiest songs among the 16 routines in the hi-energy nonstop 70-minute production said her boyfriend , master magician Lance Burton never shows up on her opening nights. “ I just get too nervous so he’ll be here in a week’s time when we’ve settled into a groove” she explained.

Jennifer and her dancers were mobbed by fans after the show and then celebrated with champagne. Said Jennifer: “ I was so stressed and exhausted but this was the most exciting night of my life. It was a dream come true to create my very own show in the entertainment capital of the world. I was crying when I saw the entire audience stand up and cheer.

“It was all done in such a rush and during the holiday season. I’m a perfectionist so now we will polish the show, bring in additional elements we wanted but couldn’t . Our official grand opening will then come towards the end of the month and then you are really going to see Sexxy at its best.”



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