20 Dec

75,000sq.ft sprawled over five levels!

Wicked Whispers & Racy Rumors: An apparent war is starting to rage over the arrival of new clubs on the Strip signing mega-deals with star DJ’s at rival nightlife venues.

That’s the inside word from separate very reliable nightclub industry insiders with confirmation that the roof-topped pool Hakasaan monster day-and-night-club is leading the charge. at MGM Grand.

Owners there have , according to several reliable insider reports, signed newly-engaged Deadmau5 to a staggering 2-year-deal worth $20-million. The dj, long a favorite of everybody from Paris Hilton to Holly Madison, has been a regular at the WYNN/ Encore clubs where he is set to play new Years Eve. .

Allegedly his package – a wonderfully timed Christmas pre-wedding gift to tattooed fiancé Kat Von D – includes giant paychecks plus a luxurious chauffeur-driven Maybach car, priced up to $1-million a sprawling Sky Loft tower villa condo, restaurant signing privileges and other perks.

A MGm aerial

Another knowledgeable hotel insider told me Deadmau5- real name Joel Zimmerman from Toronto, Canada- is rumored to just be part of a bigger whopping $65-75 million deal connected with three other international dj superstars.

Deadmau5 is in demand worldwide and known for attracting tens of thousands of fans to his 4-D light and music concerts

The salvos in the war are being fired because of the extraordinary dollars at stake between rival nightlife operations. Nightclub executives are desperate to move the axis of the near $1- billion industry away from the XS, Tryst, Surrender, TAO, Lavo and 1OAK powerhouses at WYNN , the Mirage and the Venetian/ Palazzo properties .

They want to see the Bagatelle and Haakasan clubs at the Tropicana and MGM corner vault into the lead. Nearby there’s the anticipated February or March arrival of the new Ibiza styled Cirque du Soleil Light Group theatrically themed nightclub Light taking over the former Rumjungle space at Mandalay Bay. The new Delano hotel from Miami set to revamp TheHotel there has promised another huge pool dance club will open alongside the existing Mandalay convention space.

Even celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck gave the go-ahead for his LUPO Italian restaurant opposite the new Light club to be completely transformed to welcome it- and that redesign will be completed in time for New Years.

However centerstrip property chiefs aren’t giving up without a fight. Although TAO Group’s Marquee at the Cosmopolitan commands that area as another Top Three USA revenue producing venture they will face the new Victor Drai boutique nightclub hotel that Caesars Entertainment plans on the former Bills Gaming Saloon building.

“ Victor is determined to become the king of Vegas nightlife all over again. He reigned with the Drai’s front-runner for years and then opened the XS and Tryst clubs with Steve Wynn. When he left there with a huge pay-day he was determined to wait out his non-compete time and then return with the biggest and best all over again” said one confidante.

“ He’s already getting his star dj’s lined up in the greenhouse just all biding their time until full bloom.”

Meantime there’s definite word that MGM wants in on the center-strip nightlife action. “Its not fully clear what they will eventually sign off on but they are anxious to own and operate the biggest nightlife venue to ever hit Vegas” one of my very reliable sources told me.

“They’ve even looked at the strong possibility of converting what might be left of the empty Harmon Hotel space for that purpose. They’ve also looked at space in both the Vdara and Veer condo-hotel towers.

A City Center

“It may sound hard to believe. It may sound incredible. But the MGM executives really believe that they could own the nightclub industry with the biggest club in the world right on the Strip where the Harman land and promenade between the Vdara and the Veer is located.

“The real interesting thing in all of this is the Steve Wynn factor. He doesn’t like to lose. He won’t lose and he’ll spend whatever it takes to stay at the top. You haven’t heard from him yet but you sure will. This is about to be the most expensive battle ever fought in Las Vegas.”

Thanks to contributing photographer Tom Donoghue for his Maverick Helicopter aerial shots. VegasDeLuxe will continue watching the mega-buck developments of the new dj club wars as they really explode wide open with the New Year right around the corner.



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