16 Dec


Commemorating the release his new cookbook Tyler Florence Fresh, famed chef, television host and authorTyler Florence hosted a book signing with admiring fans at Queue Bar inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas on Saturday, Dec. 15 from 2 – 4 p.m.

Making Las Vegas a priority stop on his promotional tour, The Cosmopolitan was an ideal venue for the event due to the luxury resort’s distinct and diverse collection of top-tier restaurants, which are owned by Florence’s colleagues, also renowned celebrity chefs.  During the signing, Florence spent time speaking with fans directly, posing for photographs and personalizing copies of his new book.

Tyler Florence Fresh, which debuted on Dec. 4 and is currently available for purchase at EATDRINK inside The Cosmopolitan, is a vibrantly photographed new cookbook that showcases everyday foods prepared in easy, innovative ways.  His most visually dazzling book to date, Florence shows that using fresh, unprocessed foods–whether from the farmers’ market or your local grocery store–is easier than one would think.  Using each fresh ingredient as a launching pad, he builds unique dishes flavor by flavor, detailing how to put easy-to-find ingredients to work in unexpected ways.  Florence applies a chef’s eye to the notion of healthy cooking by explaining that even readily available foods from the supermarket can quickly become restaurant-worthy plates that balance an abundance of nutrients with the arresting flavor combinations he is justly celebrated for.

PHOTO CR: Tom Donoghue


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