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21 Dec

It’s a story that Hollywood couldn’t dream up- but a role that Audrey Hepburn could certainly have played! Infact its 20-year-old Olivia Culpo’s real-life story and she wants to wind up a movie star in the same standing as her superstar actress heroine. They sure look similar too!
Olivia Culpo- Miss Universe 2012
Photo Credit: Erik Kabik

The amazing journey began with a meek and mild cello player from a small Rhode island town still a Boston University sophomore. She’s the middle child of five and yet wound up last night (WED) at Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas Strip capturing the Miss Universe title and breaking a 15-year losing streak for an American winner.
Olivia's Family
Photo Credit:Erik Kabik

We first met Olivia in June this year when incredibly she wound-up in the Miss USA contest having won a Miss Rhode Island beauty pageant in a dress that cost just $20 and had a ripped hole in the back!. She dazzled the judges , won Miss USA and now six months later in a double-header victory she’s captured the Miss Universe crown.
A Miss USA win for Rhode Island
Photo Credit:Tom Donoghue

Pageant owner Donald Trump estimated a worldwide audience of 1`-billion viewers in 190 countries tuned in to watch the fairytale story as it unwound at the 61st annual competition.In early ratings released at noon today (THURS) the two-hour NBC primetime telecast beat out both ABC and CBS and increased its rating share over last year’s pageant.
Miss Universe 2012
Photo Credit: Miss Universe Organization

Minutes after the coronation ceremony Olivia said: “I never, ever thought that I would ever be here today. One year ago, in October, I entered the Miss Rhode Island pageant and I was in a $20 rental gown that was too short and had a hole in the back of it. I did not know how to walk on stage, I had never been in pageants or anything like that, and I just wanted to test my abilities and practice my interview skills. Then, I end up winning Miss Rhode Island, and then Miss USA, and now Miss Universe and I love that story and love being able to tell it because it is not about being the most glamorous, or wearing the most expensive dress, it is just about being yourself, and working hard, and being optimistic.
Miss Universe 2012
Photo Credit:Miss Universe Organization

“ It is such an honor to represent the USA in an international beauty contest. Despite the tragedies that have happened in this country lately, it is an honor to be able to uplift the country. I hope that this will raise everybody’s spirits a little. The turmoil teaches us to appreciate every day like it is your last day. Hug your family and hug your friends every day. I think that the more that you appreciate those that you love, the more you can make out of your life, and that is what it is all about. You never know what will happen.

“Hopefully my story will encourage people to get up and just go on with their dreams and not let the little things hold them back. I hope the story of my first pageant one year ago motivates people to not think that there are any boundaries, and you can do whatever you want to do. I hope it gets them involved and motivated. Here in America younger generations are so blessed to have so many opportunities and a lot of the time I feel like they sit back and they don’t grab them.

“Just take every day one step at a time, and if you make mistakes learn from them. I think there is pressure in any job that you have. It just depends how you handle it and go about every different situation. Keep working and be optimistic because I feel that hard work and optimism are the two things that you need to do anything and can lead you anywhere. You just have to have the right attitude and work really hard.”

I asked Olivia what she’d learned from being the Miss USA room-mate in New York with her now predecessor Miss Universe Leila Lopes from Angola. “ She did an awesome job as Miss Universe. She is so strong. She has her views, and she sticks to them. She has her opinions and she is not afraid to tell you and that is admirable. I love her for that “ said Olivia.

“ Leila taught me one very important thing . Never complain! It really helped living with her. She always worked hard, she never complained, and it is a hard job. I will hopefully do a good job, just like she did, but I did sit back and look at the girls that were competing with me, thinking, which one of these girls reminds me of Leila? Some of them did, but she is really one of a kind. She just has that extra ‘it’ factor.”

Olivia’s father told me on stage seconds after his daughter had been crowned for the 2nd time on that spot within six months: “ The first time we came here we were country bumpkins. Suddenly we have become pageant aficionados. They tortured us. She was the last girl named in the 16 so my wife and I were wiggling in our seats. We felt a little better then and thought she could win it all. Everybody just wants to get that far, you feel good about it. When she got to 10, we thought this is a great showing we would be happy with anything, and then 10 became 5, and then fourth runner up, third runner up. She made kind of a statement with her hair up and an evening gown with long sleeves, and you just hope it works. She got a tough question too, it was a difficult question to nail, but I think she worked well with it.”

Andy Cohen, host of Bravo’s “Watch What Happens: Live,” and Giuliana Rancic, co-anchor of “E! News,” hosted the the pageant with Jeannie Mai of Style Network’s “How Do I Look?” providing behind-the-scenes commentary throughout the telecast. Three-time Grammy-Award winning band, Train, and Australian singer-dance sensation , Timomatic performed on-stage with the 89 beautiful contestants. Earlier on the red carpet Timomatic told us : “ This is the most important biggest night of my life.”
The judges who sealed Olivia’s fate included: Pablo Sandoval, two-time World Series Champion and MVP with the San Francisco Giants; Nigel Barker, fashion photographer and host of Oxygen’s new series The Face which will feature former Vegas model Brittany Mason; Diego Boneta, actor singer from the “Rock of Ages” film; Kardashian reality star Scott Disick, from the E! Network; Brad Goreski, celebrity stylist and Bravo’s It’s a Brad, Brad World; award winning chef Masaharu Morimoto, of Iron Chef fame; Ximena Navarrete, Miss Universe 2010 and The Face of L’Oreal; Claudia Jordan, who will appear on the upcoming Donald Trump series All-Star Celebrity Apprentice; former Las Vegas resident Kerri Walsh Jennings, three-time US Olympic gold medalist (for beach volleyball) and Lisa Vanderpump, from Bravo’s hit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and her own new spin-off series Vanderpump Rules. Voice jnudge CeeLo Green who opens in his Loberace show at Planet Hollywood early in the New Year had been scheduled as a judge but due to exhaustion from the final episode of NBC’s The Voice the day before he was unable to jet in on time.

Donald said after the crowning: “We have a great winner and we have had a great evening. The ratings are through the roof and we have had such success,. I have gotten to know Olivia very well as a fantastic Miss USA. Then you come in and you have this tremendous amount of talent and beautiful women from 90 countries and who knows what is going to happen, but it has been 15 years since the United States has had a winner and now we have a great winner. She has been a truly fantastic Miss USA.”

The on-stage beauties -captured by our contributing photographer Tom Donoghue who also went on an exclusive back-stage tour with Donald- competed in three categories: swimsuit, evening gown and the dreaded question personality interview. Leila crowned Olivia as her successor . Miss Universe Philippines, Janine Tugonon who was the first runner up will assume the duties of Miss Universe 2012 if Olivia for some reason cannot fulfill her responsibilities. Since Olivia is elevated from the Miss USA title her runner up from the June pageant Nana Meriweather from Maryland becomes the new title holder for the remaining six months of the reign until they return to Planet Hollywood again in June.
Miss Universe 2012
Photo Credit:Miss Universe Organization

The second runner up was Miss Venezuela, Irene Sofiá Esser Quintero
and the remaining two in the Top Five were Miss Australia, Renae Ayris
and Miss Brazil, Gabriela Markus. The glamour girls who made it to the
Top Ten and the Top 16 were: Miss Russia, Elizabeth Golonova; Miss
France, Marie Payet; Miss Hungary, Agnes Konkoly; Miss South Africa,
Melinda Bam; and Miss Mexico, Karina Gonzalez Miss Turkey, Cagil Ozge
Özkul; Miss Peru, Nicole Faveron; Miss Poland, Marcelina Zawadzka; Miss
Croatia, Elizabeta Burg; Miss Kosovo, Diana Avdiu; and Miss India, Shilpa
Singh. The Miss Photogenic Universe™ Award went to Miss Kosovo,
Diana Avdiu. and Miss Guatemala, Laura Godoy Calle won the Miss
Congeniality award.

Instead of flying overnight to New York for television interviews around
the world this morning Olivia did them via satelite from Planet
Hollywood. She even posed for her first photo-op with Lisa
Vanderpump’s mini-dog Giggy (for Gigilo)

We’ll be back later with our red carpet celebrity interviews as a separate
story: Donald Trump explains what he’ll do with the $5-million
award he won against Miss Pennsylvania for slandering the earlier Miss
USA contest and Bravo’s TV chief Andy Cohen who created all those
Real Housewives reality shows confides his views about our Sin City




21 Dec

Comedy magic spoof movie- The Incredible Burt Wonderstone- filmed partly in Las Vegas gets March release date. Stars Jim Carrey Steve Carrell Steve Buscemi in roles akin to Criss Angel, Siegfried & Roy. Caged stunts filmed above the Strip



20 Dec

75,000sq.ft sprawled over five levels!

Wicked Whispers & Racy Rumors: An apparent war is starting to rage over the arrival of new clubs on the Strip signing mega-deals with star DJ’s at rival nightlife venues.

That’s the inside word from separate very reliable nightclub industry insiders with confirmation that the roof-topped pool Hakasaan monster day-and-night-club is leading the charge. at MGM Grand.

Owners there have , according to several reliable insider reports, signed newly-engaged Deadmau5 to a staggering 2-year-deal worth $20-million. The dj, long a favorite of everybody from Paris Hilton to Holly Madison, has been a regular at the WYNN/ Encore clubs where he is set to play new Years Eve. .

Allegedly his package – a wonderfully timed Christmas pre-wedding gift to tattooed fiancé Kat Von D – includes giant paychecks plus a luxurious chauffeur-driven Maybach car, priced up to $1-million a sprawling Sky Loft tower villa condo, restaurant signing privileges and other perks.

A MGm aerial

Another knowledgeable hotel insider told me Deadmau5- real name Joel Zimmerman from Toronto, Canada- is rumored to just be part of a bigger whopping $65-75 million deal connected with three other international dj superstars.

Deadmau5 is in demand worldwide and known for attracting tens of thousands of fans to his 4-D light and music concerts

The salvos in the war are being fired because of the extraordinary dollars at stake between rival nightlife operations. Nightclub executives are desperate to move the axis of the near $1- billion industry away from the XS, Tryst, Surrender, TAO, Lavo and 1OAK powerhouses at WYNN , the Mirage and the Venetian/ Palazzo properties .

They want to see the Bagatelle and Haakasan clubs at the Tropicana and MGM corner vault into the lead. Nearby there’s the anticipated February or March arrival of the new Ibiza styled Cirque du Soleil Light Group theatrically themed nightclub Light taking over the former Rumjungle space at Mandalay Bay. The new Delano hotel from Miami set to revamp TheHotel there has promised another huge pool dance club will open alongside the existing Mandalay convention space.

Even celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck gave the go-ahead for his LUPO Italian restaurant opposite the new Light club to be completely transformed to welcome it- and that redesign will be completed in time for New Years.

However centerstrip property chiefs aren’t giving up without a fight. Although TAO Group’s Marquee at the Cosmopolitan commands that area as another Top Three USA revenue producing venture they will face the new Victor Drai boutique nightclub hotel that Caesars Entertainment plans on the former Bills Gaming Saloon building.

“ Victor is determined to become the king of Vegas nightlife all over again. He reigned with the Drai’s front-runner for years and then opened the XS and Tryst clubs with Steve Wynn. When he left there with a huge pay-day he was determined to wait out his non-compete time and then return with the biggest and best all over again” said one confidante.

“ He’s already getting his star dj’s lined up in the greenhouse just all biding their time until full bloom.”

Meantime there’s definite word that MGM wants in on the center-strip nightlife action. “Its not fully clear what they will eventually sign off on but they are anxious to own and operate the biggest nightlife venue to ever hit Vegas” one of my very reliable sources told me.

“They’ve even looked at the strong possibility of converting what might be left of the empty Harmon Hotel space for that purpose. They’ve also looked at space in both the Vdara and Veer condo-hotel towers.

A City Center

“It may sound hard to believe. It may sound incredible. But the MGM executives really believe that they could own the nightclub industry with the biggest club in the world right on the Strip where the Harman land and promenade between the Vdara and the Veer is located.

“The real interesting thing in all of this is the Steve Wynn factor. He doesn’t like to lose. He won’t lose and he’ll spend whatever it takes to stay at the top. You haven’t heard from him yet but you sure will. This is about to be the most expensive battle ever fought in Las Vegas.”

Thanks to contributing photographer Tom Donoghue for his Maverick Helicopter aerial shots. VegasDeLuxe will continue watching the mega-buck developments of the new dj club wars as they really explode wide open with the New Year right around the corner.



19 Dec

Cello player Olivia Culpo from Cranston, Rhode Island had a $20 dress with a ripped hole in it 18-months ago when she entered the Miss Rhode island beauty pageant

It sent her to Las Vegas where she unexpectedly won the Miss USA contest in June.

Now just six months into the duties of that title she won the Miss Universe title tonight at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. The runner-up from Georgia Nana Meriweather will take over the role now as Miss USA

Olivia’s family was all here from Rhode Island for the win. They told me ” A year ago we were just country bumpkins. Now we have become pageant aficionados.Twice in the same year in Las Vegas- its unbelievable.”

Olivia has been a room-mate in NYC for the past several months with retiring Miss Universe Leila Lopes from Angola. ” She gave me a lot of great advice” Olivia told me.” I fully know now what to expect for the next 12 months going around the world.”

Thanks to Tom Donoghue for his USA/Universe coronation photos and @Erik_Kabik for Olivia’s family and media Q&A.

‘Sin City Rules’ cast makes me an offer I have to refuse — for now

19 Dec

Talk about bad timing! It’s no secret that I have lambasted the new reality TV 
series “Sin City Rules” that has aired two episodes so far on the Learning 
Channel. I loath the concept and the producers staging fake and spiteful dramas.  
I hate the behavior of the women.

I condemn it because the real powerful women of our great community behave and 
serve us so admirably, and “Sin City Rules” doesn’t show Las Vegas in its true 
light. Instead, it confirms the worst fears people who don’t know Las Vegas  
think of our city as shallow, backbiting and filled with ugly behavior.

I'’ve gone as far as saying it doesn’t have one redeeming quality. So imagine my 
surprise when I received this email from the cast on Monday night:

It’s Amy Hanley from “Sin City Rules.” I wanted to reach out to you as I 
have always liked you. We are doing some amazing things for the community in the 
next couple of days in honor of the holiday season. I have been designated as 
the one to pick whom I feel is the best person to whom we give an exclusive. I 
am very excited to share this with you, and I have spoken to all of the women, 
and we are all excited to sit and chat with you.It will be the first time we all sit down together and are interviewed. We have agreed to allow you to ask as many questions of us as you want, and we will 
share as much as possible that we can for this special interview. We would love 
to take you to dinner at Oscar’s since it’s a staple in our community. I feel 
your columns have the best followers and held in the highest regard. I would 
love for nothing more than all of us to sit down and show you exactly why we 
love Las Vegas. Please contact me at 702-XXX-XXXX ASAP, as the exclusive we want to share 
with you is a time-sensitive manner and Christmas is right around the corner. I 
look forward to hearing from you and enjoying a wonderful steak dinner at 

What an opportunity! Can you imagine they felt I was the best person to get 
their exclusive? I could find out exactly what amazing things they are doing for 
the community before the weekend and which I’d happily write to show my fears 
are hopelessly incorrect, and I shouldn’t have reacted so harshly when Lana 
Fuchs called herself God.

They said I could ask as many questions as I wanted! I’d find out if Lana’s 
getting the rumored spin-off. I could ask Lori Montoya how her husband got 
control of Rain Cosmetics when my friend Rain Andreani, who used to do her 
makeup and worked with the lab chemist to mix the formulas of the line named 
after her, wound up losing it. I’d find out why Rain couldn’t be on the show and 
if the cosmetics line promotion is part of the compensation deal. I could ask 
Alicia Jacobs how it felt to have all those evil accusations made against her.

I’d never pass up a dinner with five women at former Mayor Oscar Goodman’s 
steakhouse, and just think I would even have let their producers film it for the 
show if they’d paid my normal TV fees, which I always donate to our beloved 
local charity Keep Memory Alive. A great story and charity donation without 
resorting to a surprise camera ambush!

But as you can see, they made this “time sensitive,” and what with the  Miss Universe 
Pageant at Planet Hollywood, the Venetian’s Culinary Clash and other 
obligations before I drive to California for Christmas with my kids and 
grandkids, it would be after New Year’s before I could accept their kind offer.

However, if they email me the “amazing things they’re doing in the next couple 
of days to honor the holiday season,” I am happy to report them. Also, if the 
devastatingly low ratings for the show don’t get it canceled and it is still on 
the air in January, I’ll happily do the dinner -- and happily pick up the tab 

My thanks to them for acknowledging this column has the best following and is 
held in the highest regard. I’d love to know why if they love Las Vegas, they 
let the producers show them and our city in such a bad light. I am grateful they 
offered me the exclusive interview. I’m just sorry I have no time to do it as 
fast as they’d like. It grieves me to say to them “please feel free because of 
my time constraints to offer it to any of the other columnists who may have time 
before the holidays.”

In the meantime, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope their TV exposure 
leads to the fame and fortune they seek and that they somehow turn all this 
negativity into something positive to truly benefit our great city.


19 Dec

Penn and Teller

Congratulations look to be in order mid January when magic headliners Penn & Teller celebrate their 20th anniversary at the Rio all-suite hotel and casino. I’m hearing solid rumors that the two outrageous illusionists will get a massive six-year contract extension to take them through at the just off-Strip property until December 31, 2018!  When signed sealed and delivered it will be one of the longest- if not the longest- contract extension in Vegas magic showbiz history with a total 26-year-headline run.  And incredibly Teller still hasn’t spoken a word!  Penn appears on Donald Trump’s upcoming NBC Celebrity Apprentice all-star show early next year raising more money for our beloved Opportunity Village charity.


FANCY FIREWORKS: Details of “America’s Party 2013,” the fireworks and entertainment extravaganza to ring in the New Year on the Strip will be unveiled tomorrow (THURS) morning but we do know that it will  encompass both the live entertainment at the Fremont Street Experience and the fireworks spectacular  co-produced by the famous Grucci family. The pyrotechnics will be launched from 7 rooftop locations. (from the south, heading north): MGM Grand, Aria, Planet Hollywood, Caesars Palace, Treasure Island, the Venetian and the Stratosphere. More 411 tomorrow!


ANDREA’S SECRETS: Steve Wynn’s wife, Andrea is hiring three of the most beautiful girls for special hostess duties at her new Andrea’s restaurant opening December 28 weekend in the former Switch space at Encore.  One will be dressed in a boxer’s outfit to serve welcome champagne shots and another will be glamorous geisha-girl styled with the sexy slit thigh-high skirt to ensure all diners get  souvenir chopsticks pairings to take home. The 3rd remains secret until opening night! But I’m told even more knockout!

Andrea’s will continue Steve Wynn’s legacy of innovation in entertainment and design with modern and feminine décor elements merging dining and nightlife into one seamless environment. The restaurant’s interiors are accented in cream, cognac, pearl and gold hues and luxurious finishes. Guests can lounge in velvet sofas in the step-up dining area under the glow of 1,000 champagne tinted Venetian glass teardrops- and check out the myriad photos of Andrea’s own eyes behind the bar wall.  DJ Steve Angello, of Swedish House Mafia fame, will direct  Andrea’s music program, curating sounds for early dining, mid  and late-evening.

Andreas_CreditJeffGreen Andreas2_CreditJeffGreen Andreas3_CreditJeffGreen

Photo Credit: Jeff Green

The Asian-themed menu is under the control of executive chef Joseph Elevado who worked for master starchef Nobu Matsuhisa for nine years before opening Soicial House at TI and MGM’s City Center. His mastery of Asian flavors and technical artistry will be married to Andrea’s hip “vibe” dining atmosphere integrated into the Surrender nightclub.  Diners have an array of fresh shellfish on ice, a wide range of dim sum pot stickers, dumplings, rolls, and scallion pancakes paired with colorful salads, noodles, fried rice variations and other tempting side dishes. His unique menu also includes classically prepared steaks, seafood, poultry and vegan options.


MAKING SCENTS:  Tied in to today’s (WED) Miss Universe pageant comes news that innovative fragrance manufacturer, Omni Scents will launch the first three Miss Universe perfumes next year inspired by MISS UNIVERSE®, MISS USA® and MISS TEEN USA®.  Celebrating a 60-year tradition of beauty the partnership aims to extend the organization’s iconic brand into a new category connected with modern perceptions of beauty. “Around the world the Miss Universe logo and brand symbolize confidently beautiful women, so it is a natural extension to introduce fragrance.” said Paula Shugart, Miss Universe Organization President. “We look forward to entering the fragrance market with a collection of beautiful scents which we believe will complement the Miss Universe brand.”  Neil Katz, founder of Omni added: “  “The Miss Universe fragrance collection, an annual series of three, will express the extraordinary feminine allure and aspirational glamour embodied by the three pageants and the outstanding women who win the titles,” Young women from every corner of the world dream of competing at Miss Universe and one day becoming as beautiful and accomplished as the winner. We hope to tap into that mindset and with each fragrance create an aura that makes every girl feel confidently beautiful.”

Follow our live blog and Twitter reports from the red carpet and the pageant this afternoon and evening and we will have a full photo wrap-up tomorrow.  Tonight’s Miss Universe official after party at Planet Hollywood will be sponsored by Russian Standard Vodka with nearly 1000 guests expected – including the newly crowned winner and the 88 other contestants.


ART WORLD:  The online surreal modern art world morphs into a first-time real-life artists showcase at the World of Art starting tomorrow (THURS) and running through Saturday night at the WYNN hotel casino. It is dedicated to art works and books from prominent surreal and modern artists put together by World of Art director and Las Vegas resident Mario Parga. The lineup of the world’s best-recognized modern artists taking part is so great that collectors from as far away as Europe and Asia will be attending.  Check  and the Las Vegas for all the amazing details.


SEEING STARS: * It was the soft opening night for real customers at starchef Gordon Ramsay’s new jam-packed Gastro Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace – and celebrity TV chefs Guy Fieri and Iron Chef  Morimoto were among the first night guests. They also hit nearby RAO’s Italian restaurant for drinks with owner Frank Pellegrini Jr. Morimoto is one of the celebrity judges today (WED) at the Miss Universe pageant at Planet Hollywood. I ran into former UNLV graduate Guy – and he asked me to pose for a photo with him for his Twitter page! Rich Gore, head of the new Food University coming to Caesars Palace on March 27 and Southern Wine & Spirits chief Larry Ruvo also in the group.

*Thunder From Down Under performers Alex Biffan and Ryan Paki took a dip with Maverick, a bottlenose dolphin, at Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage Hotel & Casino.

Alex_Maverick_pose Alex_Maverick Ryan_Alex_pose_with_Maverick

Photo Credit: MGM Resorts International

The heart-throb hunks changed into wetsuits before diving into the water and after a quick tutorial by Philip Admire, Curator of Dolphin Care, the two Aussies were able to cue Maverick on several interactions including a pectoral fin wave and a dorsal tow rewarding him with a mix of fish and squid treats!

*Boxing champion Sugar Shane Mosley visited Exotics Racing and drove the Audi R8 while his son Shane Mosely, Jr. drove the Ferrari 430 Scuderia. They also both enjoyed high-speed ride-alongs in the Corvette Z06 with Exotics’ professional driver behind the wheel.

SugarShaneMosley SugarShaneMosley2


TONIGHT’S TASTINGS: Actor David Arquette flies in 40 of his VIPs from the LA hot spot Bootsy Bellows he owns to The Act nightclub in the Palazzo…. NBA Retired Players Association LV members Gary Payton, Stacy Augmon, Larry Johnson, Jerome ‘Junkyard Dog’ Williams, James ‘ Hollywood’ Robinson and Spencer Haywood host a basketball clinic and Q&A session on health and wellness to benefit Boys and Girls Club of America at the John C Kish club in Henderson….the Holiday Hoops Classic featuring six games from Division 1 & 2 men and women’s basketball teams plays at the South Point Arena…..Comedian Shang who hosts BET’s “ Access Granted” headlines the LA Comedy Club at Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo Cantina at Planet Hollywood through Sunday…..and of course the Miss Universe pageant on NBC-TV at 8pm PT from Planet Hollywood with our live blog and Twitter coverage starting 3pm today.


TOMORROW’S TANTALIZE:  Our post report with photo gallery from the Miss Universe pageant and we’ll talk with the newly-crowned winner- plus an advance look at Friday’s Culinary Clash at the Venetian with Dancing with the Stars heart-throb Gilles Marini and uberchef Daniel Boulud. Coming up soon a rundown of all the porn-stars planning their appearances and parties for the AVN Awards ad the Adult Entertainment Expo here January 16-19.


STRIP TEASES- Cirque shuts Strip productions for 1-night only special

18 Dec

For one night only the “O” theater at the Bellagio will be totally transformed- and on the same day all Cirque du Soleil shows on the Strip will be shuttered. Its all for “One Night for One Drop” on March 22 when the casts of all the shows join together for a unique one-night only performance of another show they’ve created to benefit their founder Guy LaLiberte’s fresh-water for the world foundation.

VEGAS CLUBS MOVE TO UTAH:  The annual prestigious January 17-21 film festival in Park City Utah is going to look a lot like Vegas. Four of Steve Wynn’s nightclubs are opening up pop-up nightlife venues in the ski city for the stars : \Encore Beach Club, Surrender, Tryst and XS, will transform the Park City Live space during the screenings ,premieres  and parties at the largest film festival in the country,



Cr Cashman Photo

BLOOD DONORS: For the 12th consecutive year the Penn & Teller magic duo has teamed up with United Blood Services to raise awareness of the need for blood donations during the holiday season. The blood drive runs today (TUES)  through Sunday, Dec. 30 at designated United Blood Services locations and mobile units in Las Vegas . The RIO  all-suite hotel headliners didn’t use any trickery to be first in line to show how easy it is to donate blood, Every person donating  will receive two complimentary tickets to the Penn & Teller show at the Rio.  Photo Credit: Cashman Photo.

CHEESE CHAT: To promote the new initial Food University dates of March 27-29 at Caesars Palace cheese expert and author Laura Werln kicks off a series of live Facebook chats tomorrow (WED) at 4pm . To learn all things cheese in  a live Q&A format go to

Laura will also reveal what she’ll teach at the Food University classes in March.


FANS OF JIMMY CENTURY : Pssst! Wanna free Christmas gift? The  Las Vegas duo  vocalist Alicia Peron and guitarist Victor James known as ‘The Fans of Jimmy Century’ want you to go to their website tomorrowe and download their new hit el;ectronic music dance single “ Santa jam aica”. Click to   Their prior hit ‘Hot Sahara’ was featured in four movies last year including the Justin Timberlake Cameron diaz hit “ Bad Teacher” and Owen Wilson’s “ Hot Pass” I hear they are in pre-production on a secret agent musical escapade movie paying tribute to Wayne Newton  due to shoot in March.  Alicia and Victor who have opened for Lady GaGa , Shiny Toy Guns and Cyndi lauper  have also had their music on the Gossip Girl, ugly Betty and Melrose Place TV shows.


Hollywood Ending


Live Promo featuring Mr. Las Vegas song


GIVING BACK:  Legendary comedian and impersonator Rich Little shows the holiday spirit with  a check for $8000 to the Salvation Army. The donation in honor of his late wife benefits the Salvation Army’s Seeds of Hope and Homeless Services programs.


TONIGHT’S TASTINGS :  The “Eating Las Vegas: 50 Essential Restaurants” launch party of the 2013 directory of who’s hot and who’s not is officially unveiled at RAO’s in Caesars Palace….. Dave Koz is joined by David Benoit and Sheila E for a jazzy Christmas show at the Smith Center …nightclub czar Jack Colton hosts his 7th annual Socialite holiday party starting out at Red Square and moving onto the 1OAK nightclub at the Mirage… Moon nightclub has its Ugly Sweater holiday party in the Palms…Kivi Rogers is the comedy headliner at the Improv club in Harrahs through Sunday … and as we posted earlier Rock of Ages opens its preview performances at the Venetian.



TOMORROW’S TANTALIZE : An unheard of six-year contract extension is planned for one of the longest running shows in Vegas and we’ll check all the latest taste treats in our regular Counter Intelligence restaurant rundown.